Scrip Program

St. John's Scrip Program

You may ask what is Scrip?
This is a program where members of our church purchase retail gift cards at face value and St. John’s receives a percentage of the card price to use for our ministries.
You, the buyer, receive full value of each card obtained and the church benefits from the purchase.

There are many ways to use the Scrip program. Here are a few ideas:
1. buy your summer wardrobe
2. purchase groceries
3. give a gift
4. pay an outstanding bill at places that offer Scrip

The gift cards carried ‘in stock’ are Kohl’s, Target, Roundy’s and Kwik Trip and are available for purchase every 1st and 3rd Sunday/Thursday in the Welcome Center area after each service.

St. John's is now making available an expanded list of scrip options by special order.  If you would like to order anything from this list, please let the scrip sellers at church know what you would like to order, pay by cash or check and we will order the item or items for you.  The cards you ordered will be available the next time scrip is sold. 

The list is laid as follows,
1. name of provider (they are in alphabetical order) 
2. amount the cards come in ($25, $50, etc)
3. percent the church receives